Adventures in Peru Hiking Across the High Plain

Adventures in Peru A few years ago, I had this great idea to travel to the South Pole. Being a bit of a masochist, I could only think of climbing simply to see how far I could go. I have always wanted to do something different and right then was the time to go. A friend in Peru had just returned from a 14 day trek across the high plains of Peru. He had left home at 6:00 am the day before and was planning on walking straight out of the airport. I have been dreaming of this trip for months. I had heard of the Inca Trail and had actually stayed overnight at Machu Picchu a few years earlier on my way back from the airport. So cozumacios, I decided to stop in to see what it was like

Adventures in Peru A few years ago, I had this great idea to travel to the South Pole. Being a bit of a masochist, I could only

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. To step off the train and into the cool dark mountain air, was like finding a new world. So comfortable and familiar, I could not wait to get back. Machu Picchu was absolutely silent, apart from the sounds of birds and bats. After a magical half hour with the little children, we headed back to the station, wrote the train tickets and set off towards the city of Alto Lets, where the main bus station is located

Adventures in Peru To get to Alto Lets

we had to first leave the station. The journey was quite an experience in itself, as you travel upwards, the scenery became more and more exciting. Though the climate was very hot, we were still very glad we had booked the annexe ahead of time. We stayed at the Train Store until we reached the station. They have a lot of trains to choose from, but we preferred the express trains because they are awaited you weather permitting. The express trains are not very comfortable, but are very reliable. Especially the Regional Express. It stops every few hours, across the sky

You can have a extended stay on these trains at a price that suits you

However, you should be aware that the Regional Express also has a minimum age of 16 years and requires a separate ticket for childrenHolidays are a very mixed experience. On the one hand, you get to commune with nature in the wilderness and interact with native people in their home. On the other hand, you are in the bustling city and you see modern man in a strange land. Both of these factors should draw you to the unique country of Peru. Learn to speak their language though if you don’t want to sound like a tourist.

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